June 16
KOLT Ships ProTools RealVerb Plugin
Also offers surround-sound encoder

by David Nagel
Executive Producer

RealVerb allows users to adjust size and materials for the 12 included room shapes.

Kind of Loud Technologies today introduced a new plugin and two surround-sound 5.1 software encoding packages for Digidesign's ProTools audio system for Macintosh. RealVerb is a reverb plugin with the ability to morph room shape, size and texture, giving users control over characteristics of their sounds. The morphing and blending tools function in real time, with no pops, clicks or distortion, according to KOLT. RealVerb also includes KOLT's spatial technology, which allows users to pan within the stereo spectrum. The software is available in TDM and RTAS versions.

RealVerb features
Features include 12 room shapes, which can be adjusted in size from 0.5 meters to 99 meters. (Users can also morph between room shapes and sizes.) It also comes with 36 material types for each room, which can also be morphed and adjusted for thickness. It also allows users to control intensity and timing of early reflections and late field reverberation; independently control placement of direct path, early reflections and late field reverberation; control perceived source distance; and control output channels independently.

RealVerb is available now for $295 for the RTAS version and $695 for the TDM version.

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DTS and Dolby surround sound
KOLT also announced two new surround sound 5.1 encoders for ProTools systems. One version of the software, called SmartCode Pro, will be available for Dolby Digital; the other will support DTS. SmartCode Pro is an AudioSuite program that allows Pro Tools users to preview in real time 5.1 mixes created by the Pro Tools software and the SmartPan Pro plugin, then encode and decode the mix to create a six-channel surround master.

SmartCode Pro will be available in the third quarter for $995 for the Dolby Digital version and $1,995 for the DTS version.

For more information, visit http://www.kindofloud.com.

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