June 6
Kodak Ships Large-Format Printer, New Papers
3043 inkjet offers 1,440 x 720 DPI

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by David Nagel
Executive Producer

Kodak today announced the launch of the Kodak Large-Format Inkjet 3043 printer. The new model, which offers 1,440 x 720 DPI resolution, is geared toward creative photo specialty retail outlets, professional photographers, portrait labs, pre-press, proofing and creative design professionals. The printer outputs in six colors (CMYK plus light cyan and light magenta for pigment or dye or orange and green for pigment only), which come in refillable 220 milliliter cartridges. Other features include:

  • Four print modes: draft, normal, high-quality and high-speed monochrome;
  • Choice of six-ink dye or pigmented ink sets for specific application needs;
  • Roll-feed and cut-sheet printing;
  • Automated print head cleaning;
  • Automated ink level sensing;
  • Kodak's EasyPrint utility is bundled with the system and prints common raster formats right out of the box;
  • Other RIPs are available from a select group of third-party RIP providers.

The printer supports the following media: Kodak Professional EI Piezo Photographic Glossy Print Paper, Kodak Professional EI Photographic Satin Paper for piezo technology, Kodak Professional EI Self-Adhesive Clay-Coated Print Paper, Kodak Professional EI Clay-Coated Print Paper/140g, Kodak Professional EI Clay-Coated Print Paper/90g, Kodak Professional EI Water Resistant Opaque White Matte Film/6mil, Kodak Professional EI Self-adhesive Glossy Vinyl, Kodak Professional EI Self-adhesive Matte Vinyl and Kodak Professional EI Banner.

In a separate announcement today, Kodak says it's shipping several new papers and films, including some compatible with the new 3043 printer. These include:

  • Kodak Professional EI Premium Photographic Glossy Paper/270g for glossy prints on a heavyweight base for extra sturdiness and ease of use in post-printing applications;
  • Kodak Professional EI Premium Photographic Glossy Paper/180g, which offers the same features as the 270g paper but with a medium-weight base for applications that require print flexibility;
  • Kodak Professional EI Premium Photographic Satin Paper/180g, which provides medium weight and a satin surface. It's designed for displays under high-intensity lighting;
  • Kodak Professional EI Premium Photographic Matte Paper/180g for highly saturated prints with a matte surface;
  • Kodak Professional EI Premium Backlit Film/7mil for transparencies with bold colors and higher densities on a durable base for use with illuminators that do not have built-in diffusion;
  • Kodak Professional EI Premium White Film/7mil, which provides sturdiness and high gloss for front-lit displays (viewed by reflected light);
  • Kodak Professional EI Premium Clear Film/5mil, which offers the same features as Premium Backlit Film but has a transparent medium-weight base for use with illuminators that have built-in diffusion.

Kodak also introduced four new flame-retardant products for specialty indoor and outdoor displays. Both the printer and the new papers and films are available now through Kodak distributors. Pricing information was not available at press time. For more information, visit http://www.kodak.com.

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