GRM Tools includes eight plugins for Pro Tools LE systems. Click image for larger view.


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June 28
GRM Ships Set of Eight Plugins for Pro Tools LE
RTAS filters offer sound effects and editing features

by David Nagel
Executive Producer

GRM (Groupe de Recherches Musicales de l'Institut National de l'Audiovisuel) has shipped a set of eight new RTAS plugins for Pro Tools LE systems—GRM Tools.

The plugins allow composers and sound designers to create new timbres with up to 128 delay lines; move sounds through space, freeze sounds in time and build layered timbres; create phasers and flangers; rearrange audio fragments to create new sounds; transpose pitch without changing duration; add reverberation, depth, and presence to sounds; and more. The eight plugins include:

  • Comb filters, which allows users to create phasers, flangers and other effects.
  • Delays, which can create multiple echoes and new timbres with up to 128 delay lines.
  • Doppler, which allows sounds to be moved through space.
  • Band Pass, which can vary the brilliance and bandwidth of sounds.
  • Freeze for freezing sounds in time and building layered timbres.
  • Shuffling, which allows users to create new sounds by rearranging audio fragments.
  • Pitch Accum, which can transpose sounds without changing their durations.
  • Reson, which uses 128 resonant filters to add reverberation, depth and presence to sounds.

Based on the TDM version of GRM Tools, GRM Tools RTAS (real-time AudioSuite) is now available at the promotional price of $289. The software is available through Pro Tools dealers or by download from the GRM Tools Web site. For more information visit

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