June 13
Digital Origin Ships EditDV 2.0 for Mac
New package includes Adobe After Effects

by David Nagel
Executive Producer

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Digital Origin has released version 2.0 of its EditDV software for Macintosh. EditDV is an editing, compositing, animation and special effects suite for streaming media. The company has also started offering an EditDV/Adobe After Effects bundle. (See below for pricing.)

Version 2.0 adds the following improvements over 1.6.1: Third-party plugin support; export to Web streaming formats; slip, slide and ripple editing from the timeline; improved Camera compatibility; new track keyer for improved luma keying; Macintosh G4 and iMac DV compatibility; Pixelan Software SpiceRack Pro Lite (50 free Spices); and Media Cleaner EZ 4.0 bundled.

The software also adds numerous new features, including:

  • Added Support for (esc) key to cancel rendering;
  • Alignment helper;
  • Batch Capture button in capture window;
  • Clip linking;
  • Clip name editing in Picture view;
  • Control Panel module with IRE control
  • Contextual menus added;
  • Export to multiple formats and sizes;
  • Import movies;
  • Multiple clip selection in the sequencer window;
  • New audio panning filter;
  • Project window printing;
  • Select all function
  • Sequencer window audio filter default;
  • Slip and slide editing modes;
  • Still image capture;
  • Swapped key commands
  • Timecode input for duration in speed dialogue;
  • Track matte feature added to the luma key filter.

The EditDV/After Effects bundle, available for Macintosh and Windows, includes the EditDV software application; After Effects 4.1; Media Cleaner EZ from Terran Interactive; Bias Peak LE (Macintosh) for audio editing, resampling and manipulation; and plug-in effects from Pixelan SpiceRack Pro Lite. The bundle is available for $899, or $999 with a Digital Origin IEEE 1394 FireWire card. EditDV by itself costs $599. Those who purchased EditDV 1.6.1 after Feb. 5 can upgrade to 2.0 for free (not including After Effects.) Other owners of version 1.x can upgrade for $99. For a limited time, Digital Origin is offering RotoDV, a rotoscoping application, for free. For more information, visit http://www.digitalorigin.com.

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