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June 27
Digital Origin Offers EditDV Unplugged, Media Cleaner EZ for Free
Mac users are only beneficiaries

by David Nagel
Executive Producer

It's Christmas already, and, apparently, Mac users have been very good this year. Digital Origin today announced it's giving away Mac-only versions of its Media Cleaner EZ and EditDV Unplugged video editing and compression tools. Both are "lite" versions of more full-featured programs, but neither carried a particularly lite price until now. Prior to this offering, Media Cleaner EZ sold for $99, and EditDV unplugged sold for $149.

"Digital Origin is providing the Mac community a very powerful combination of tools for creating high quality QuickTime streaming content," said Mike Micheletti, product manager for Digital Origin, in a prepared statement. "EditDV Unplugged provides the ideal platform for DV editing enthusiasts to take the next step in video content delivery—streaming. Users can take advantage of our sophisticated editing features, then use Media Cleaner to create superior quality streaming media content and deliver it over the Internet. We're creating personal Internet broadcasters."

EditDV Unplugged
EditDV Unplugged is a nonlinear editor designed for use with G3 and G4 Macs with FireWire capabilities. It's designed for the DV video format, including native support for DV's non-square pixel and Apple's DV codec and works exclusively in digital format. Other features include:

  • NTSC & PAL fully supported.
  • Non-Square Pixel Rendering.
  • All processes, including filters, transitions, titles and special effects have been accelerated.
  • Integrated titling including ATM, TrueType and GX fonts with keyframe control of drop shadows, gradients, softness, transparency and colored backgrounds provide complete control for simple high quality title creation. Alpha mode is included for picture in title effects. Titles are animated directly on the video in realtime using keyframed spline, linear or hold motion.
  • Extensive keyboard control in addition to a Mac mouse-driven interface.
  • Includes more than 40 anti-aliased, customizable, professional quality transitions with colored borders, variable softness, and drop shadows.
  • Unlimited keyframes for all effects filters.
  • LiveDV preview.
  • Realtime effects preview.
  • Trim audio and video together or individually.
  • Audio rubberbanding.
  • Realtime clip volume adjustment.
  • Autobackup of project files.
  • Speed effects for slow motion, fast motion and freeze frame.

Media Cleaner EZ
Media Cleaner EZ is the younger sibling of Terran Interactive's Media Cleaner Pro. It's designed primarily for QuickTime compression for the Web. It supports batch processing of up to 2,000 files; control over all setting parameters via the Advanced Settings dialog; Dynamic Preview window for fine tuning settings; MPEG, MP3 and GIF output; control over many video and audio filters, including QuickTime 4 Effects; and URL embedding at end of QuickTime 4 movies, among many other features. (You can see our review of Media Cleaner here.)

EditDV Unplugged and Media Cleaner EZ are available for free download now from http://www.icanstream.com.

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