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June 28
CreamWare Ships Pulsar 2.01 Mac
New version supports STS-3000, STS-4000

by David Nagel
Executive Producer

CreamWare has announced version 2.01 of its Pulsar DSP system for Macintosh. The new version can be used with CreamWare's Pulsar and Pulsar II audio systems.

The new version includes Macintosh support for the STS-3000 and STS-4000 sampler plugins. Pulsar 2.01 also includes a series of new Modular2 synthesizer patches and a completely revised manual. Other improvements in 2.01 include:

  • Reduced latency of the GigaSampler driver;
  • New S-Mux modules allow Pulsar II hardware to transfer 24-bit, 96 KHz audio via the ADAT interface;
  • In addition to various other minor enhancements, version 2.01 incorporates bug fixes that further optimize system performance and overall stability. The company says the Mac version was given special attention in this regard, including installation bug fixes and certain usage problem fixes.

Pulsar software version 2.01 is available as a free update from CreamWare's site at http://www.creamware.de/index_e.htm.

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