June 7
Coda Releasing SmartMusic Studio Online
Download version includes enhancements over retail version

by David Nagel
Executive Producer

Coda Music Technology says it's releasing its SmartMusic Studio 6.0 software online. SmartMusic Studio, formerly Vivace, is an accompaniment system that interacts with users while they play their music. It comes in versions for vocalists; vocalists, woodwinds and brass; and just woodwinds and brass. The online version will offer all the features provided by the packaged version plus important new features, according to Coda. It will also provide SmartMusic Studio's Intelligent Accompaniment technology that works with Coda's library of more than 5,000 accompaniments.

Coda is expanding its SmartMusic Accompaniment licensing rights to include offering the accompaniments on the Internet. "We have made significant progress with print music publishers in this effort," said Coda CEO John Paulson in a prepared statement, "and have signed agreements giving us permission to offer the accompaniments online with Warner Bros. Music Publications and 15 other publishers."

The online version includes a complete practice environment, including a metronome, tuner, transposition and practice loops, among other features, and will be able to display music notation, according to Coda. The company says that, at first, this notation feature will be used to display scales, arpeggios, exercises and other music designed to develop skills and that customers will be able to select the exercise they wish and then specify what key it should be notated in and with what articulation. Eventually, the company says, Coda hopes to use the notation capabilities of the SmartMusic Studio Online for the electronic distribution of print music on the Internet. Coda is in discussion with major publishers to accomplish this.

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Information on Internet pricing was not available at press time. The packaged versions sell for $79.95 for the vocalist version; $119.95 for the vocalist, woodwinds and brass version; and $79.95 for the woodwinds and brass version. Users of previous version of SmartMusic and Vivace can upgrade to 6.0 for $29.95. For more information, visit http://www.codamusic.com.

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