June 5
Boris To Launch Continuum
20 new filters for After Effects

Boris Continuum, a compositing and effects plugin for Adobe After Effects, will ship July 25.

by David Nagel
Executive Producer

Boris FX today announced it will ship a new set of filters for Adobe After Effects. Boris Continuum will include 20 new filters for compositing and effects in AE. It includes a new Z Space compositor where each layer has full 3D rotation capabilities built in with global 3D capabilities for hierarchical animation. It also allows After Effects users to intersect layers in 3D space with soft casted shadows, true 3D spotlights and motion blur. Other features include:

  • New Z space filter creates multi-layered composites in true 3D space. Z Space allows users to animate and intersect layers.
  • Increased speed and functionality with expanded stock filters. Continuum expands stock filters by adding unique functionality and improved speed. Filters like Advanced Composite now include new Apply Modes and Velocity Remapper, which can create smooth animations of the frame rate and accelerate frame blending. Blending frames is now up to two to three times faster than other velocity filters, according to Boris.
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    Natural Effects. New natural effects include Snow, Rain, Star fields, Comet and Fire, which can be formed into the shape of an alpha channel. Also developed for Boris Continuum is a complete state-of-the-art particle generator.
  • Advanced 3D text. Reflection maps are included for making metallic or glassy-looking text, complete with kerning, leading and multi-line support.
  • Time dimension filters. New filters allow for reordering, sequencing frames, and creating motion changes or temporal blurs.

Boris Continuum will be available to customers at SIGGRAPH July 25, through resellers and via the Boris FX Web site. Available for Adobe After Effects 4.0 users on Power Macintosh systems, Boris Continuum is priced at $395. Boris AE 3.0 customers can purchase Boris Continuum for $199. For more information, visit http://www.borisfx.com.

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