June 1
BitHeadz Releases Update to Unity DS-1
Sampler gets better Velocity support, bug fixes

by David Nagel
Executive Producer

The Unity DS-1 2.01 update fixes problems with version 1.x linked files and adds better support for the G4.

It's been nary two weeks since BitHeadz started shipping its Unity DS-1 2.0 digital sampler and already the company has released an update. According to BitHeadz, the version 2.01 updater adds better support for the G4 Velocity engine and fixes some minor bugs. Changes from version 2.0 include:

  • Standard MIDI file player "Unity DS-1 Player" added;
  • Ability to create FreeMIDI names text file with "Unity DS-1 FreeMIDI Names" utility;
  • Control panel switch to disable publishing of FreeMIDI names;
  • Ability to read version 1.x linked files correctly (Black & Whites 1.x files linked correctly);
  • Editor global page coarse tune parameter;
  • Mixer coarse tune parameter;
  • MIDI processor coarse tune parameter;
  • Editor insert effects invert parameter;
  • Better factory sound set compatibility with G4 engine.

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Unity DS-1 is a real-time digital sampler that allows for 128 voices and integration with Digidesign's ProTools. Registered users of version 1.x can upgrade to 2.0 for $149. The full version sells for $449. The 2.01 update is available as a free download from the BitHeadz Web site at http://www.bitheadz.com.

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