June 5
Accom Offers Affinity Upgrade
Sphere and Cube owners get discount on NLE

Affinity comes with either analog or digital I/O options, including digital SMPTE 259M video and key I/O.

by David Nagel
Executive Producer

Accom is now offering a discount on its Affinity non-linear video editing systems. The new deal gives Cube owners a 15 percent price break on a new Affinity system, while Sphere owners can get 25 percent off the purchase price. In addition, those purchasing before June 30 can get 75 percent off the DveousFX option. The discount offer is valid through Sept. 29.

Accom Affinity is a multi-platform non-linear editor. On the Mac side, users can choose between a G3 and a G4 as their base hardware. It includes Abekas 3D DVE, a frame-based, sub-pixel, anti-aliased, real-time 3D digital video effects program. It includes features like X, Y and Z axis rotations with perspective, scaling and z-axis positioning and location; mosaics, multipix, image blur, page turns; fully adaptive horizontal and vertical filtering; fully positionable drop shadows with opacity, independent softness and matte color adjustments; and picture borders with independent softness.

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The DveousFX option provides additional real-time Dveous effects, including: page turns, wave, barrel, sphere, 3D page turns with shading, 3D page rolls, 3D quad page turns, 3D quad page rolls, 3D sphere, 3D circular ripple, 3D longitudinal ripple, swirls, 3D horizontal cylinder and concentric rings—all with lighting effects, textures and drop shadow.

On the hardware side, Affinity offers either digital or analog I/O options. Digital I/O includes digital SMPTE 259M video and key I/O and AES/EBU audio I/O. Analog I/O includes composite, S (Y,C) and Component video inputs and outputs and balanced and unbalanced analog audio I/O and monitor speaker outputs. It also includes several choices for storage, including a dual-channel LVD SCSI port that provides 144 GB of storage and sustained data rates of 80 MB per second.

Prices for Affinity systems vary widely according to options selected. For more information, visit http://www.accom.com. Information about a demonstration is available at http://www.accom.com/affinity/demo.html.

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