May 3
Iomega Gives Zip FireWire Support
Adapter connects ATAPI drives to Macs

by David Nagel
Senior Producer

Iomega has introduced an adapter for its 250 MB drives that allows their ATAPI connectors to be linked to a Macintosh via FireWire. The adapter not only provides connectivity for the Macintosh, but it also speeds up the data transfer rate of the Zip device from 0.9 MB per second to 2 MB per second. The adapter also eliminates the need for an external power supply.

The addition of the FireWire adapter provides three ways to connect the device to a computer: FireWire, USB and PCMCIA.

The adapter requires Mac OS 8.6 or higher. It also works on PCs that have FireWire ports. It's available now from Iomega for $79.95. For more information, visit

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