May 25
3dfx Delays Voodoo5 Shipment
AGP cards should start shipping within two weeks

by David Nagel
Executive Producer

3dfx Interactive says it will delay shipment of its Voodoo5 5500 AGP cards. In a released statement, 3dfx said, "The company is taking this action to ensure that it meets its own high standards for product quality. The company discovered that the Voodoo5 may be experiencing field failure rates at very low levels in certain configurations. The company is conducting further tests to determine whether a problem actually exists. 3dfx anticipates this action will delay product availability between seven and 14 days."

"We believe that this affects only a small number of configurations, but we feel that this is the safest thing to do," said Randy Schussler, vice president of operations at 3dfx Interactive, in a released statement. "We're taking this action to ensure that our customers receive a high quality product that exceeds their expectations."

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The Voodoo5 card will be the only card on the market to support OpenGL, Glide and Rave. It is expected to achieve 667 to 733 megatexels/megapixels per second fill rates. In 2D, it supports resolutions up to 2,048 x 1,536 at 85 Hz.

3dfx had also announced a PCI version of the Voodoo5 5500, which it says is still on track for a summer delivery. The company also announced the Voodoo4 4500, a single-processor, 32 MB version of the card, which is also on target for summer and should be available in both PCI and AGP versions.

Voodoo5 5500 AGP is priced at $299.99, $30 less than the originally planned price for the PCI version announced last month. Later this summer 3dfx is expected to ship a even higher-end version of the Voodoo5 card, the Voodoo5 6000, which will include quad VSA-100 processors and 128 MB of video memory, delivering 1.32 to 1.47 gigatexels/gigapixels per second. For more information, visit

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