May 11
Swissonic Ships Mac ASIO Driver, Updates Firmware
Studio/Studio D now fully compatible with OS 9.0.4

by David Nagel
Senior Producer

Swissonic is now shipping updated firmware for its Studio and Studio D USB-based audio mixers. According to the company, the new firmware provides compatibility with Mac OS 9, which was incomplete when the mixers were introduced earlier this year. Customers who purchased either unit with the old firmware can receive a free upgrade kit by calling 800-613-2187 and providing their serial number and place of purchase.

The company has also posted a new ASIO driver for the Macintosh on its Web site. The new driver fixes problems found in Apple's own USB drivers released prior to the 9.0.4 system update. (The Apple USB audio driver has been rewritten in OS 9.0.4.) The Macintosh version of the new driver was tested on G3s and G4s—including older iMacs—using Steinberg's Cubase 4.1 and r2, Bias Peak, Emagic's Logic Audio Gold and Platinum 4.1 and 4.2 and TC | Works Spark. However, the company says there still might be problems with the G4 when outputting 44.1 KHz. The Studio also samples at 48 KHz, which apparently has no problems. The company does not recommend using Studio with older Macs that do not have built-in USB capabilities. Swissonic says it will post a Windows ASIO driver in mid-summer.

Studio and Studio D, introduced in January, include four stereo line inputs, two microphone inputs, two high-impedence inputs and one stereo line input with switchable phono preamp (and one S/PDIF input in Studio D). For output, the mixer includes separate headphone, recording and monitor outputs, plus S/PDIF in Studio D. The volume of each input and output and be adjusted individually.

Studio is designed to work with any audio application, and, since each input can be configured for recording, there's no need for a separate sound card. Studio lists for $699, while Studio D lists for $849. For more information or to download the new ASIO driver, visit

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