May 18
Piranha Tries New Data Compression for Web Apps
Demo available for rich media compressor

by David Nagel
Senior Producer

Piranha Inc. is testing out a new new method for compressing rich media for the Web. According to the company, Piranha Net is a lossy digital compression technology that enables browsers to download content-rich Web pages in a fraction of the file size of JPEG, GIF or PNG.

Piranha says the plugin allows graphics-intensive Web pages to load faster and animated files to load faster and play smoother. They also say images do not have to be optimized with limited palettes using the new technology.

An example of the compression on Piranha's site shows a picture compressed from 4,805,902 bytes to 36,558 bytes with Piranha Net. The plugin is available for Mac and Windows from the Piranha Web site at It requires QuickTime 4.0 or better.

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