May 31
Beatnik Offers Mixman As Online Download
15 new D*Plates also available

by David Nagel
Executive Producer

The Mixman remixing interface. Click image to go to the Mixman download site.

Beatnik has started offering its Mixman Studio Mac digital audio recording and remixing software as an online download. The new online version, Mixman Studio DL, offers much of the same functionality as the boxed version but sells for $19.95. The boxed version retails for $79.95. The primary differences, according to the spec sheets, seem to be a lack of external MIDI controller support in the DL version. The full Studio also ships with more than 550 free sounds; the online version does not. Like the full version, the downloadable Studio supports unlimited export to AIFF, WAV, MP3 and G2 RealAudio.

Mixman Studio Mac DL comprises three components: Remixing Studio, Recording Studio and Export Control Room. The remixer provides support for real-time functions, including remixing, tempo changes, panning, volume and pitch. It also provides auto beat matching and can read TRK, WAV and AIFF files. The Recording Studio allows users to record vocal samples, audio CDs and other instruments and provides volume and silence sensitivity controls. The Export Control Room, in addition to supporting AIFF, WAV, MP3 and G2 RealAudio, also supports the MIX format for sharing projects between users.

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Beatnik also released 15 new Mixman D*Plates from a range of artists, including Mephisto Odyssey, Electroliners, Bassbin Twins, VFX and 15Pearl, available from $4.95 to $5.95 each. D*Plates are remixable singles holding 16 different tracks of audio in Mixman's Track File (TRK) Format. The Mixman site provides 35 free promotional D*Plates from several artists. Mixman users also receive one free D*Plate for registering their software.

Beatnik Mixman Studio Mac DL is available now for $19.95 from For other Beatnik information, see

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