May 9
Midiman To Ship Devices This Month
MIDISport 4x4, ADAT Delta 1010 AI on deck

by David Nagel
Senior Producer

Midiman will ship two new audio products for the Mac this month. The MIDISport 4x4 is a multi-port MIDI interface for USB-equipped Macs and Windows-based PCs. It features four in and four out ports (64 x 64 MIDI channels) and MIDI indicator lights for each port and ships with OMS software for Mac OS 8.6 or later. It's self-powered and includes a 6' USB cable.

Midiman is also going to ship an ADAT interface for its Delta 1010. The Delta 1010AI (ADAT Interface) connects to the Delta 1010 PCI card to provide 24-bit, 48 KHz I/O capabilities. With the 1010AI, the Delta 1010Ős converters can be used to record and play back from your ADAT instead of using the stock ADAT converters. The Delta 1010AI also supports four mixed modes which are combinations of signal routing between the PCI host card, 1010 external converter box and an external ADAT. Other features include:

  • Record through and play back using 24-bit converters
  • Simultaneous ADAT recording and computer playback
  • Select between analog and ADAT optical for computer input
  • Select between computer out and ADAT in for routing to the D/A section
  • Select between computer out and analog in for ADAT input source

Both products are expected within the next couple of weeks. The MIDISport 4x4 requires a USB-equipped Mac running 8.6 or later. It will sell for $199.95. The Delta 1010AI requires a Macintosh G3, G4 or other Mac with a minimum G3 upgrade card. It will sell for $299.95. For more information, visit

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