May 17
LaCie To Ship 4.7 GB DVD-RAM
Drive includes 400 Mbps FireWire connectivity

by David Nagel
Senior Producer

LaCie showed off a forthcoming DVD-RAM drive at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference today. The drive supports the 4.7 GB DVD format and comes equipped with FireWire connectivity. The LaCie DVD-RAM drive will read from discs currently accepted by CD-ROM, CD audio, CD-R, CD-RW and video CD drives, as well as DVD-R, DVD-ROM and DVD video drives.

In addition to reading and writing bare 4.7 GB discs, the drives will also read and write earlier 2.6 GB and 5.2 GB DVD-RAM media at data transfer rates of up to 22 Mbps.

The drive is expected to debut this summer. The product will be offered in external configurations and include cables, the LaCie DVD-RAM software drivers for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 and Macintosh operating systems and one DVD-RAM disc. DVD-RAM media will be available in single-sided 4.7 GB disc and double-sided 9.4 GB disc formats. Pricing has not yet been established. For more information, visit

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