May 17
Hitachi Ships New Shadow-Mask Monitor
CM771 offers 0.22 mm dot pitch

by David Nagel
Senior Producer

Hitachi has begun shipping a new 19" CRT monitor, the CM771, which offers the same depth as a 17" monitor—about 17.7". The new monitor offers a 0.22 mm horizontal and a 0.14 mm vertical dot pitch and a 1,600 x 1,200 pixel resolution at 75 Hz.

The CM771 has an auto synchronization range of 31 KHz to 96 KHz and a video clock frequency of 203 MHz. Hitachi says the monitor features some major changes to conventional flat-face monitor technology by changing the shape of the deflection yoke. By using a new Rectangular Cone Deflection Yoke, the CM771 is able to eliminate the purity uniformity issues that require multiple circuitry compensation components in flat-faced aperture grille monitors, according to Hitachi. The CM771 features Hitachi's EasyMenu onscreen controls with adjustments for color temperature, moiré, trapezoid, DMS, pincushion and more.

The 19" (18" viewable) Invar Shadow Mask CM771 is available for $479. For more information, visit

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