May 11
Fiery X2-W Comes to Xerox Wide-Format Printers
New server allows print management from the desktop

by David Nagel
Senior Producer

Electronics for Imaging (EFI) and Xerox have announced a new Fiery server for the Xerox Xpress 36 and Xpress 54 wide-format printers. The Fiery X2-W brings EFI's Command WorkStation to the wide-format market for the first time. This allows users to control a group of Fiery-driven printers, copiers and wide-format devices simultaneously from a single workstation.

The server comes preinstalled with all recommended Xpress color profiles. Additional profiles can be added and edited with ColorWise Pro Tools and ColorWise 2. An improved Color Editor allows desktop users to create custom profiles, save them and download them to other devices on the network. Other features include:

  • Fiery DocBuilder software, which gives the ability to merge images prior to printing and to view thumbnails. EFI's extended DocBuilder technology supports a new nesting feature that optimizes output by queuing up jobs horizontally across the same media.
  • A new archival feature allows rasterized images to be saved on the network. These can be called up and reprinted without having to be reprocessed.
  • The server also supports PostScript level 3, PDF and TIFF-based files.
  • The server now supports automatic IP configuration, which allows the server to obtain network information directly from the network.
  • Fiery WebTools allows for remote management of the server using the Internet or an intranet. This enables viewing and control of job status, as well as print-queue management from the desktop.

The Xerox Xpress printers are available in 36" and 54" wide models. The Xpress printer is an inkjet printer for the graphics and corporate reprographics markets. It can print 160 square feet per hour. For more information, visit or

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