May 8
Epson Announces PhotoPC 3000z
3.34 megapixel camera supports audio, video clips

by David Nagel
Senior Producer

Epson has announced the latest addition to its PhotoPC line of digital cameras. The new PhotoPC 3000z sports a resolution of 2,140 x 1,560 pixels (3.34 megapixels) with interpolation up to 2,544 x 1,904 (4.84 megapixels) with Epson's HyPict technology. It comes with a 16 MB CompactFlash card and can handle cards up to 200 MB. In HyPict mode, the 16 MB card can store 12 images. It can store 15 in super fine mode; 30 in fine mode; 155 in standard (640 x 480) mode; or one 9 MB, uncompressed TIFF image.

For viewing images, the camera includes a 1.8" "Wide View" LCD, which shows 98 percent of an image before it's captured and 100 percent afterwards. It also allows for picture scrolling to view more details of the image and records date, shutter speed, aperture setting and other details about the image.

The camera offers a 3x optical zoom (34 mm to 102 mm equivalent to 35 mm), auto and manual focus and macro mode (8" to 20"). The shutter is adjustable from 1/750 second to eight seconds, with aperture settings of F2, 2.3, 4, 5.6 and 8.

The 3000z allows for several shooting modes, including fully automatic; program mode (normal, landscape, portrait and sports); interval shooting, ranging from every 10 seconds to every 24 hours; monochrome or color; and panorama. It can also shoot video clips at 15 frames per second for 25 seconds at a time in motion-JPEG mode. It can also capture audio through the built-in speaker (10 seconds per image). Audio can be played back through a cable or through the built-in speaker.

Files are stored in motion-JPEG, HyPict (2,544 x 1,904), TIFF uncompressed (2,048 x 1,536), JPEG, DCF and DPOF. Audio formats include AIFF (Mac) and WAV (PC).

The camera supports an optional external flash and comes with a lens adapter (46 mm to 49 mm) that can accommodate filters, close-up lenses and wide angle and telephoto converter lenses. The built-in flash operates in force on/off, auto, red-eye reduction and slow synchronized modes.

It ships with Sierra Imaging Image Expert, Epson Photo! 3, Epson Photo! Print 2, Mac USB and serial cables, a 16 MB CompactFlash card, video cable, four AA NiMH batteries, a battery charger, neck strap, soft case and lens cap with strap.

The PhotoPC 3000z will sell for $999. Epson is currently offering a $50 rebate when purchasing a camera with a Stylus printer or a $30 rebate when purchasing a camera with a scanner. The camera requires Mac OS 7.5 for serial connection or 8.1 for a USB connection and a PowerPC processor. It also works on Windows machines. For more information, visit

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