May 26
Destiny Releases Clipstream 2.0
Software enables Java-based audio streaming

by David Nagel
Executive Producer

Destiny Media Technologies has released version 2.0 of its Clipstream software for Macintosh. Clipstream allows users to stream audio on the Web through a Java-based application that loads files almost instantly and with high-quality results. The company says the download of Clipstream audio is about 25 KB, including artwork.

Because it's Java-based, Clipstream requires no plugins or separate applications for users to hear your audio. It also requires no special server hardware or software. To create files for the Clipstream system, audio files are dragged over the compressor application, which then creates a compressed file and generates code for pasting into a Web page.

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The basic Clipstream package runs for $99 and includes a license for a single Web site, 10 Web pages and 30 total clips. Expanded packages are also available, as is a tryout version, and the upgrade to 2.0 is free.

Destiny has also announced the prototype of Video Clipstream, a similar system for streaming audio and video over the Web through a Java applet. Example's can be found at the Video Clipstream Web site. For more information, visit or, to test Video Clipstream, go to

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