May 30
BitHeadz Officially Launches Patch Post
Retro users can swap files

by David Nagel
Executive Producer

BitHeadz has officially launched its Patch Post forum, which allows users to swap Retro AS-1 patches. The BitHeadz FTP server allows users to access these patches through their Web browser using the name "bitheadz2" and the password "wacom." Files can be uploaded via Netscape's drag and drop FTP feature or through FTP clients like Fetch.

Mac users should drag and drop downloaded patches on the Retro AS-1 File Typer utility to make the patches accessible to Retro AS-1. Version 2.0 users should use the File Typer utility provided in the utilities folder of Retro AS-1. Version 2 patches are not compatible with Retro AS-1 1.x.

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BitHeadz advises that Mac users uploading to the Patch Post should tag their patches with a .ras extension to make patches accessible for PC users. A utility called Retro AS-1 PC is available on the FTP server to automate this process.

At press time, the Patch Post contained 16 patch categories, including everything from basses, bells and brass to strings, techno and winds, with 102 total patches posted.

Information about the Patch Post, including user names and passwords, is available at The FTP server itself is at You can also visit the BitHeadz home page at

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