May 15
Apple Releases Multimedia Update

by David Nagel
Senior Producer

Apple this weekend released Multimedia Update 1.0 for OS 9. The new patch, available only through the Software Update Control Panel, includes Apple Audio Extension 1.0.5, which is designed to improve audio playback of CDs under virtual memory. It also adds enhanced support for USB audio input devices. The update does not, however, address the audio lag users experience under OS 9 when pulling audio through the built-in miniplug on the Mac.

The Multimedia Update also includes updated drivers for ATI graphics cards. It includes ATI Resource Manager 2.5.1, ATI Graphics Accelerator 4.9.9, ATI Rage 128 3D Accelerator 5.8.5, ATI Video Accelerator 4.5.2 and ATI 3D Accelerator 4.9.8. Apple says these updates improve performance for Open GL games on systems using ATI Rage 128 Pro as well as certain Final Cut Pro display functions.

As of Monday morning, ATI had not included the updates on its support site. ATI's Mac drivers page has not been updated since at least October 1999.

Multimedia Update requires a USB-equipped Power Mac. For more information, visit

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