May 15
ALAP Adds Shadows to InDesign
ShadowCaster available now for Mac, later for Windows

by David Nagel
Senior Producer

A Lowly Apprentice Productions (ALAP) has brought its ShadowCaster plugin to Adobe InDesign. ShadowCaster 1.0 allows users to create shadows and shadow effects from objects in an InDesign document, automatically generating high-resolution TIFFs behind a selected object.

ShadowCaster can create three types of shadows: silhouette, outline and ghosted. Within these three styles are several options for customizing the final output. Shadows can use darken, multiply, lighten, screen, add, subtract and replace. Users can also assign colors to the shadows from the ShadowCaster palette.

ShadowCaster is available for $99 for a single copy, $449.99 for a five-license pack and $849.99 for a 10-license pack. For more information and for examples of shadows, visit

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