April 26
BitHeadz To Offer Voodoo 1.2
Virtual drum machine adds g4 velocity optimization

by David Nagel
Senior Producer

Bitheadz is offering an upgrade to its Voodoo sampling MIDI drum machine software. Version 1.2 will offer optimization for the G4 (Altivec), as well as several enhancements and new features.

  • Maximum number of voices increases to 128.
  • DirectConnect support added for Pro Tools integration.
  • Load bank programs individually.
  • Improved reverb algorithm (early reflections)
  • Eight assignable controller remappings: any controller to any other controller.
  • Audio input/output matrix for ASIO and Direct I/O devices allowing 32 separate channelized outputs.

Voodoo is software that plays samples and MIDI files. Samples and drum patterns can be triggered from the computer keyboard, a MIDI controller or a MIDI application running on the same CPU, with no additional hardware required. Functionality is accomplished within one window containing multiple drum pads. Samples are assigned to pads by dragging a sample from the hard disk to the pad. Clicking a pad displays its individual control parameters for pitch, volume, filter, pan, velocity, envelope, mute group and two effects processors. Up to four samples can be layered on a pad for switching with velocity or other controllers. It sells for $199.

Version 1.2 is in final beta now and should start shipping by May 5, according to the company. For more information, visit http://www.bitheadz.com.

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