April 12
SmartDisk To Launch 100 GB FireWire RAID

by David Nagel
Senior Producer

SmartDisk, the parent company of VST, is launching a new 100 GB FireWire-based RAID array, adding to its line of FireWire RAIDs that previously topped out at 72 GB. The new model is expected to ship in June for $4,999.95. The VST FireWire RAID array is a compact, portable tower that supports up to four VST FireWire hard drives. It also includes a built-in battery backup, cable, AC adapter, battery, VST formatting software and FireRAID software. Other specs include:

  • Data transfer rate: 32 MB per second;
  • Average seek time: 12 MS;
  • Bus interface data rate: 400 Mbps.

The FireRAID requires a Macintosh running OS 9 with built-in FireWire ports or a G3 with a FireWire PCI card. For more information, visit http://www.vsttech.com/vst/techspecs.nsf/ByProduct/FWRAIDTWR.


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