April 7
Life Forms Studio 3.9 To Ship in June
New features and improvements over 3.5

by David Nagel
Senior Producer

Credo Interactive says it will ship version 3.9 of Life Forms Studio, a character animation application for Windows and Macintosh. The company will preview the software next week at the NAB show in Las Vegas. The full release is expected to ship in June.

Life Forms Studio 3.9 includes new features and enhancements to those found in version 3.5. New features include a model editor and rotoscoping. New enhancements include a mirroring location capability, snap to figure options, superior preview modes and integration with other 3D applications.

Life Forms Studio also features import and export solutions to 3D packages like LightWave, 3D Studio Max, Poser, ElectricImage and TrueSpace. File format support includes BVH, HTR, 3DS, LWS, SEQ, VRML 97 and more.

Life Forms Studio 3.9 will be available for $495. It includes PowerMoves 1 and 2, a motion library of more than 600 keyframed and motion-captured moves. For more information, visit http://www.charactermotion.com.

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