April 24
IBM Introduces New Flat Panels, CRTs
Company triples its monitor offerings

by David Nagel
Senior Producer

IBM is tripling its lineup of thin-film transfer monitors with the launch of a host of consumer and professional models. The company also says it's restructuring its pricing scheme on CRT monitors.

The new IBM T54A 15-inch TFT flat-panel monitor, designed for general business applications like word processing, business graphics and basic spreadsheets, offers a 15" viewable image with low reflectivity and a resolution up to 1,024 x 768 pixels. The T54A is currently available in white or black for the estimated reseller price of $979.

IBM has designed some new TFTs for graphics users, including the T74A and T86A. The T74A, a 17" TFT flat-panel monitor, offers a resolution up to 1,024 x 768 pixels. It's available now in black and will be available in white by May 23. Both versions sell for $2,299.

The higher-end T86A 18-inch TFT flat-panel monitor, with pivoting capabilities, includes an 18.1" viewable image size and adjustable mount. It supports resolutions of up to 1,280 x 1,024 pixels. It's available now for $3,199 in white or black.

The company has also announced new pricing on its existing CRT and flat-panel monitors, reducing prices by 3 percent to 19 percent. CRT 17" monitors now range between $249 and $399; 19" CRTs range between $499 and $579; 15" flat-panel monitors now start at $979; and 18" flat panels now start at $3,199. For more information, visit http://www.ibm.com.

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