April 4
Adobe Launches GoLive 5
More than 100 new features added

by David Nagel
Senior Producer

Adobe Systems Inc. today announced GoLive 5.0, an upgrade to its Web authoring software. The new version includes more than 100 new features, including several hooks into other Adobe products (like drag and drop object editing between GoLive and Photoshop 5.5).

The new version offers the ability to generate dynamic content for Active Server pages using an ODBC-compliant database. The ASP code is automatically generated by a GoLive feature called Dynamic Link. (Adobe says GoLive will soon support Dynamic Link for JSP and Mercantech.) Code in GoLive 5.0 is written to be passed between text editors and GoLive without retrofitting. Other features include:

  • Enhanced onboard interactive editor. You can now add audio and video files to your Web pages through a drag and drop interface. The editor allows users to queue their content visually through a QuickTime timeline.
  • Support for W3C standards. GoLive now supports cascading style sheets (CSS2), Web Content Accesability 1.0, Web Objects 4.5 and 5.0 and Scalable Vector Graphics. It also supports Flash, QuickTime streaming and Real Networks G2.
  • SmartObjects allows for editing graphic and multimedia elements on the fly between GoLive and LiveMotion, Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • GoLive's new Tracing Image feature (pictured) strengthens support for the use of composite images for Web page layout. Users can place a native Photoshop file as a Tracing Image and then set the opacity, select the regions of the layout that you wish to crop and then select Cutout. GoLive will then automatically "promote" the cropped area from the tracing file to the HTML foreground, optimizing the images and placing them in their own HTML floating box to become a part of the Web page design.
  • Secure check in and check out of files for collaborative working.
  • Automatic checking of links anytime a page is moved within the Web site structure.
  • A site report collector allows users to gather informtion about live Web pages, which can be filtered through user-defined variables, such as the time any given page might take to download.

The new GoLive is expected to ship this quarter for $299. Shortly after the launch, a new version of Adobe's Web Collection will also be available. It will include GoLive 5.0, Illustrator 9 (which was also announced today), LiveMotion 1.0 and Photoshop 5.5. It will retail for $999. For more information, visit http://www.adobe.com.

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