April 28
Apple Offers Free iMovie Download
G4, PowerBook users gain access to consumer video editor

by David Nagel
Senior Producer

Apple today announced it will offer its consumer video editing application, iMovie, as a free download to G4 and PowerBook owners. IMovie comes preinstalled on iMac DV and iMac DV Special Edition models. The software allows users to capture video through a DV camcorder via the FireWire ports on the Macintosh. Movies are then stored as QuickTime files and can be placed back onto a DV camcorder for viewing on a television.

IMovie is not just a "lite" version of Final Cut Pro. Its interface is geared toward editing novices and includes simple controls and a limited set of transitions and effects. It offers drag and drop editing with a simplified timeline and allows for the import of tracks from an audio CD or an AIFF file.

IMovie is available now at http://www.apple.com/imovie. Links to iMovie freebies can be found at http://www.apple.com/imovie/freestuff. A CD version is also available for $19.99. System requirements include: a Power Mac G4 or PowerBook with built-in FireWire; Mac OS 9.0.4; QuickTime 4.1; 64 MB of RAM; and a 4- to 6-pin FireWire cable to connect a digital camcorder.

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