April 12
DVDit! Comes to the Mac
Authoring title has drag and drop interface

by David Nagel
Senior Producer

Sonic Solutions has announced the impending Mac release of DVDit!, a DVD authoring package. The software is compatible with QuickTime video and audio files, supporting everything from DV to D-1 formats. QuickTime files can be dragged and dropped for conversion. DVDit! automatically builds buttons and interactivity, transcodes video to MPEG-2, multiplexes and formats content and writes it to CD-R or DVD-RAM for playback. Users can also incorporate Web content using Sonic eDVD and publish in DVD, cDVD and Streaming DVD. The software will be available in three versions for Mac—LE, SE and PE (pro). Each offers different additional features to the core set.

DVDit! LE includes single menu support for simple interactive titles; integrated DVD-RAM support, which allows users to write DVD files directly to disc; drag and drop menu creation; and real-time preview.

In addition to these features, DVDit! SE adds 10 menu support for nested DVD titles, integrated video transcoding, "Slideshow Creator" for presentations and chapter point editor for access to any scene.

The Pro Edition adds multiple audio streams for different, simultaneous sound tracks, including multiple languages; video timeline for cuts-based editing; subtitle generator; and eDVD support for streaming DVD over the Web.

DVDit! Mac is expected to ship in October. Pricing for the Mac version was not available at press time, but the PC version of DVDit! SE sells for $499. For more information, visit http://www.sonicsolutions.com.


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