April 19
Sonic Solutions Beefs Up DVD Creator
Version 2.1 encodes 20 percent faster than realtime

by David Nagel
Senior Producer

Sonic Solutions has released an update to its Mac flagship DVD authoring program, DVD Creator. The new version, 2.1, features a third-generation SD-2000 MPEG-2 video encoder, Web-linked DVD authoring functionality and title production automation. The news version offers RISC-based processing and new MPEG chip technology with programmable logic and video processing hardware. Other features include:

  • Direct encoding of 24 fps video from telecine, tape or hard disk in 20 percent faster than real-time;
  • Integrated video pre-processing to eliminate high-frequency noise prior to MPEG encoding;
  • Frame-accurate chapter placement;
  • Constant-Q VBR;
  • AutoCadence IVT.

The DVD Creator SD-2000 encoder, which resides on a single PCI card, includes SDI digital video I/O, multi-channel digital audio I/O and integrated RS-422 machine control, and linear timecode reading. The SD-2000 also includes real-time MPEG-2 VBR and CBR encoding and decoding, Dolby Digital encoding and decoding and support for complete DVD title de-multiplexing and proofing. It also includes the ability to simultaneously multiplex and write a DVD title directly to DLT and DVD-R.

DVD Creator 2.1 starts around $15,000. For more information, visit http://www.sonicsolutions.com.

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