April 10
Puffin Relases Major Revision to Commotion
New pro, standard versions offer compositing

by David Nagel
Senior Producer

Discreet today boosted its support for the Mac platform significantly with the launch of combustion*, a paint, animation and 3D compositing application for the Macintosh and Windows NT platforms. The software includes technology from the company's inferno* product. It features keying, motion tracking, color correction, non-destructive (vector-based) paint animation, 3D compositing and network rendering, as well as support for Adobe After Effects and Photoshop plugins.

The software-only application includes several streamlining features, like dynamic proxies for high-resolution formats. It also supports multiprocessing, real-time multi-clip playback and free batch and background rendering. 3D compositing features include true perspective with moving camera, lights, ray tracing, shadows and reflections. It also supports nesting of composites. Other support includes EPS, vector objects and Photoshop layers.

Combustion* is expected to ship this summer with a list price of $3,495. For more information, visit http://www.discreet.com.

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