April 5
Cycore To Launch Cult Effects 1.5
Current users to receive free upgrade

by David Nagel
Senior Producer

Cycore, based in Uppsala, Sweden, will soon ship version 1.5 of Cult Effects, a suite of plugins for Adobe After Effects. Current users will receive the upgrade free. Others who preorder the product at the NAB show in Las Vegas next week will receive a "substantial discount," according to the company. Further details about pricing were not available at press time, although Cycore did say that that those who preordered next week without attending the show would also receive a discount.

Version 1.5 includes new filters, improved functionality and extensive documentation, according to Cycore. The total number of filters in version 1.5 jumps from 18 to 26, including a fractal engine, a self-animating noise filter and color composites. The company says render times are cut by 50 percent in version 1.5 for fractal-based effects. Other enhancements include:

  • The addition of dynamic and grouped controls in several filters;
  • Accessibility of all expert options directly within the Effects Control Windows;
  • Optimized painting directly within After Effects with "wiggle controls" that let the user animate paint strokes;
  • A new alpha paint mode designed specifically for matte touchups.

For more information about Cult Effects, visit http://www.culteffects.com or http://www.cycore.com.

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