April 11
Avid To Ship Mac XPress This Summer
New version offers enhanced support for DVD and Web

by David Nagel
Senior Producer

Avid says it will ship Windows and Mac versions of Avid XPress 4.0 simultaneously this summer. The new version will add enhanced support for Web and DVD content creation. The company is also offering a limited-duration upgrade pricing promotion for current owners of Avid Meridien hardware-based Avid XPress Plus and Deluxe software. (See below.)

The new system also offers improved interoperability features with the addition of QuickTime reference movie support. Reference movies save disk space and allow for near-instant export for QuickTime-based applications like After Effects and Media Cleaner Pro, among others. It will also offer full Advanced Authoring Format (AAF) import and export capability, providing the ability to exchange metadata, including SMPTE metadata, with other AAF-compliant products, along with a utility for converting files between AAF and Open Media Framework. Other features include:

  • VRT play emulation feature to allow external devices, such as DVD mastering systems, to control Avid XPress software remotely using standard 9 pin protocol;
  • A video archive feature with no degradation in quality as a result of the archiving process;
  • Mapable keyboard and command palette;
  • JKL Trim, which allows users to trim and edit while playing video;
  • Video capture straight to the timeline;
  • 32 levels of undo/redo with an undo/redo list;
  • Real-time sample rate conversion;
  • Locator windows that can be printed to review changes;
  • Audio mark-in/mark-out buttons, which offers the ability to cut in "L-cuts" or "split edits" on the fly between audio and video material;
  • Bin editing direct to timeline;
  • Mouse/jog/shuttle;
  • Direct output to a number of DVD and Web formats, including Real Media, Windows Media, QuickTime 4.0 and MPEG 1 and 2.

Pricing for XPress varies. Version 3.1 currently sells for $12,999 for the Plus configuration, $19,999 for the Deluxe configuration and $29,999 for the Elite configuration. Purchasers of XPress Elite between Jan. 1 and Aug. 31 will receive a free upgrade to version 4.0. Those who purchased XPress Plus or Deluxe this year, as well as those who purchased the Elite configuration prior to Jan. 1, will receive the upgrade to 4.0 for $599 until Aug. 31. After that, the upgrade price doubles. For more information, visit http://www.avid.com.


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