April 20
Andromeda Offers Rebate on Bundle

by David Nagel
Senior Producer

Andromeda Software is offering a $59 rebate on the Shadow/Techtures filter bundle for Photoshop, Premiere and other paint and effects programs. The deal is available only this week and only by calling 800-547-0055.

The Shadow filter offers perspective shadows with a virtual camera, stereo 3D viewing, multiple shadowing with four movable lights, natural soft edges and blurring, drop and cast shadows an a movable plane and 3D shadowing.

Series 4 Techtures offers more than 500 rendered textures and a texturing engine for blending, manipulating shading and embossing textures. Natural and synthetic textures include water, smoke, glass, explosions and lighting effects.

The bundle is priced at $139. For more information on Andromeda plugins, visit http://www.andromeda.com.

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