March 14
Umax Bundles Pro Photoshop with Scanners
High-end flatbeds include PS 5.5

by David Nagel
Senior producer

Umax Technologies Inc. has begun shipping Adobe Photoshop 5.5 with its high-end scanners. Bundled systems include the PowerLook 2100XL, the FireWire PowerLook 1100, the PowerLook 3000 and PowerLook III. The PowerLook 2100XL is the only one of these scanners not currently available. It should ship by the end of the month, according to Umax. It offers 800 x 1600 DPI hardware-based resolution and can scan images up to 12" by 17". The PowerLook 2100XL will be available at an estimated street price of $1,499 to $2,699, depending on software bundle and transparency adapter.

The PowerLook 1100 FireWire uses bit enhancement technology technology for 42-bit color output, auto-detect slide holders and hot swap warranty. The scanner is currently available to order at an estimated street price of $999 to $2,099, depending on software bundle.

The PowerLook 3000 is a "flat-drum" scanner with a moving flatbed, auto focus, a 3.6Dmax to detect fine shadow details, auto detect slide holders and BET for 42-bit color output. The PowerLook 3000 is currently available at a suggested price beginning at $6,999.

The PowerLook III includes 3.4Dmax to detect details in highlights and shadows, 1200 dpi, 42-bit output and auto detect slide holders. The PowerLook III is currently available at an estimated street price beginning at $799.

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