March 8
Digimarc, TWAIN Announce New Standard for Mac
New image acquisition tool provides access to more features in digital cameras

by David Nagel
Senior producer

Digimarc and the TWAIN Working Group (a not for profit group dedicated to developing standards for image acquisition) said yesterday they've updated the TWAIN standard on the Mac OS. The new interface offers users increased flexibility for capturing images on the Macintosh from sources like digital cameras and scanners. The two groups have been working together to update the standard for the last year.

The new version of the standard application program interface (API) called Macintosh TWAIN Data Source Manager Version 1.7 is a free download currently available online at

According to a statement released jointly by TWAIN and Digimarc, the Macintosh DSM Version 1.7 is PowerPC native and supports Mac OS 8.0 and above. "The new version is fully compatible with previous TWAIN specifications and existing data sources and provides the same functionality as the Windows DSM that is shipped standard with the Windows platform by Microsoft," the statement said.

"Our digital watermark technology development work focuses on bridging the gap between traditional and digital media," said Bruce Davis, CEO of Digimarc in a prepared statement. "Through our relationship with TWAIN, we are applying that expertise to advance digital media technology for the benefit of the industry in general, in particular for digital cameras and scanners. This standard makes it easier for Macintosh developers and users to interact with a wide range of image acquisition devices in a transparent way and fosters the growth of digital content."

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