March 10
MOTU Ships Enhanced Audio System
2408 gets 24-bit converters, +4/-10 dB inputs

by David Nagel
Senior producer

Mark of the Unicorn Inc. (MOTU), Cambridge, Mass., has started shipping an enhanced version of its 2408 hard disk recording system. The new 2408mkII, which replaces the old 2408, adds 24-bit converters and balanced +4/-10 0.25" (TSR) connectors. The new model will still be able to handle unbalanced input signals via software or user-configurable jumpers for its eight analog inputs. These inputs can add 10 decibels of gain to accommodate -10 dB signals typically produced by synthesizers and drum machines. The unit ships with four inputs and outputs set for +4 dB line-level signals. The console software that ships with the 2408mkII, CueMix, can add 6 dB or 12 dB of boost per channel without the need to modify circuit board jumpers.

The new unit also features three banks of ADAT optical I/O (24 channels), three banks of Tascam TDIF digital I/O (24 channels), stereo S/PDIF I/O, an extra S/PDIF out and balanced 0.25" main outs. All digital inputs and outputs pass a full 24 bits.

The 2408mkII offers 24 channels of simultaneous I/O, expandable to 72 channels. Wave, ASIO and Sound Manager drivers are included to provide compatibility with audio software for Mac and Windows. The new unit, available now, is priced the same as the previous 2408 at $995. The cost of the expansion I/O also remains at $695. For more information, visit MOTU at

Front and rear panels of the new 2408mkII


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