March 13
Mitsubishi Ships New 17" CRT
Low-cost monitor offers flat screen

by David Nagel
Senior producer


The Diamond Plus 73 17" (16" viewable) joins Mitsubishi's line of Natural Flat displays. Pictured: The Diamond Plus 91 19" monitor.

Mitsubishi Electronics America, Cypress, Calif., has begun shipping a new flat-faced, 17" (16" viewable) CRT monitor for the consumer market. The Diamond Plus 73, priced at $289, is designed to move consumers away from 15" monitors and toward larger screens.

The company claims that the monitor offers the "flattest, sharpest and brightest monitor available in the industry." It uses a calculated polynomial curve to the internal screen surface and aperture grille that "pre-distorts" the image, compensating optically for the concave effect, and a redesigned S-NX DBF electron gun for reduced spot size and screen focus uniformity. It also features improved deflection yoke technology for better beam landing. The new flat-screen monitor reduces the effects of ambient lighting, cutting external reflection and glare. It also employs a self-convergence system that eliminates compromised corner focus.

The new Diamond Plus 73 has a 0.25 mm aperture grille pitch, 30 KHz to 70 KHz horizontal scanning range and 108 MHz video clock frequency and a maximum non-interlaced addressable resolution of 1280x1024.

No further information was available on the company's Web site as of this morning, and, although the company says the monitor is available immediately, it was not yet in the Mitsubishi's online catalog.

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