March 6
Kodak Shoots for Wireless Digital Cameras
End of 2001 set as release date

by David Nagel
Senior producer

According to a report from Bloomberg, Eastman Kodak Co. is planning to release wireles digital cameras by the end of 2001. The devices will use radio frequencies rather than infrared to allow for greater range, flexibility and uninterupted transmissions, the company says.

According to Bloomberg, Kodak already has a working prototype capable of transmitting a 500 KB image to a receiver in about 0.25 seconds. The company is working with Motorola and others to develop a standard for submission to the IEEE and already has several patents relating to the technology. Aother group, Bluetooth, has also developed wireless R.F.-based transmissions for digital cameras, and Kodak says it will continue to work with that group to further develop- the standard.

Fuji Photo Film Co. is also working with Bluetooth on the technology along with Nokia Oyj.

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