March 29
Adobe InDesign Ships Today
New pricing plan offered for upgrade

by David Nagel
Senior Producer

Adobe Systems Inc. has started shipping version 1.5 of InDesign and has announced a new upgrade pricingplan. All registered users of InDesign will be able to upgrade for $29.95. This applies as well to those who purchased Adobe's Design Collection, which included InDesign 1.0. Customers who purchased InDesign 1.0 at the full price on or after Jan. 1 will receive the upgrade at no cost. Those who purchased InDesign 1.0 at any price on or after Feb. 12 will also receive a free upgrade. Those who purchase the upgrade directly from Adobe will receive free shipping. This promotion is valid for 60 days. For more information about Adobe's upgrade policy, visit

The new version of InDesign includes 70 new features. These include:

  • Vertical justification;
  • Enhanced color controls;
  • Pencil tool;
  • Plug-in manager;
  • Free transform tool;
  • Binding spine control;
  • Alpha channel support;
  • Enhanced text wrap.

The software also offers several editorial and production improvements. On the editorial side, InDesign 1.5 will allow users to make changes on the fly when dealing with threaded text between frames. It also has new copyfitting options. On the production side, improvements include the ability to speed up the rendering of high-resolution images on screen. And the Find Font command provides a list of all the fonts that have been used in a document.

For more information, visit Adobe's InDesign information center at

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