March 13
Noteheads Offers Preview Release of Igor
Free download of music notation software

by David Nagel
Senior producer

Swedish software developer Noteheads is offering a free download of its new music notation software, Igor 1.0 Preview Release. The program, released Friday, is a scaled-down version of Igor 2.0 Engraver, a $595 application. Pricing has not yet been determined for Igor 1.0 Lite when it goes into full release.

According to Noteheads, the preview release of this Mac-only app may still contain some bugs. However, the download is fully functional. It includes most of the features available in the Engraver package, including unlimited undos and redos, separate undos and redos for each piece, reading and writing of MIDI files and single-drag copying of orchestras and ensembles. Other interface and notation features include:

  • Modeless on-screen editing of all notation elements;
  • Notation element collision prevention;
  • Staff lines can be shown in gray on-screen;
  • Full control of musical orthography;
  • Traditional/modern/Seconf Vienna/Salzedo notation of accidentals;
  • Automatic placement of stacked articulation symbols with collision prevention;
  • Context-sensitive slurs;
  • Beams across barlines;
  • Text can be rotated freely and made to follow glissando lines;
  • Intelligent clef change suggestions.

For more on notation features, as well as score control, parts and cues, entering music, playback, graphics, spacing and other features, visit the Igor 1.0 versus Igor 2.0 Engraver comparison page at

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