March 16
IBM High-Capacity Drives Due in April
New drives geared toward desktop market

by David Nagel
Senior Producer

IBM will release several new additions to its Deskstar GXP and GV hard disk lines, including a 75 GB mid-range ATA drive and a low-end 40 GB model. The Deskstar 75GXP should be available in quantity by April and is already shipping to select computer manufacturers. It, along with all the other new GXP models, spins at 7,200 RPM and boasts an 8.5 MS average seek time and 444 Mbps maximum media data rate, with burst transfers up to 100 MB per second.

The new GXP models are the first IBM drives to use glass platters, which, IBM says, allows for greater density on each platter owing to the medium's smoothnes and rigidity. The drives also offer a faster processor, more advanced LSI chips and better hardware caching. These are the first drives compatible with fast ATA interfaces. The new GXP models come in 75 GB, 60 GB, 45 GB, 30 GB, 20 GB and 15 GB capacities. Pricing on the new drives was not available at press time. The 13 GB Deskstar 34GXP, an older drive in the same line, is currently available for $155.

IBM also unveiled some additions to its low-end Deskstar GV line, including 40 GB, 30 GB and 20 GB models. The 5,400 RPM drives also use glass platters and offer seek times of 9.5 MS, 372 Mbps maximum media data rates and up to up to 100 MB per second burst transfers. They offer smaller buffer sizes smaller than the Deskstar GXP models—512 KB versus 2 MB. Pricing on the GV drives was not available at press time. The older Deskstar 37GV, similar to the newer drives and currently available, goes for about $310.

Both the GXP and GV lines use load/unload technology, which allows the drives to park their heads off the platters when not in use in order to help prevent damage. For more nformation, visit

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