March 20
H.P. Offers New CD-RW Drives
Eleven new drives from $199 to $399

by David Nagel
Senior Producer

Hewlett-Packard Co., Palo Alto, Calif., will release 11 new CD-RW drives in April ranging in price from $199 to $399. The new models include H.P.'s highest-performance drives, the 9300i and 9310i, which offer recording speeds of 10x, write speeds of 4x and read speeds of 32x. At $299, the new drives match the speed and price of the new Sony CD-RW drives also announced today and also due out in April. However, the high-end models come only in internal IDE configurations. The slower 9200e and 9210e models, with an 8x recording speed, come equipped with external SCSI connectors and sell for $399. Two internal SCSI models, the 9200i and 9210i, also offer 8x recording speeds and will sell for $299.

The company also announced the 9100i, 9110i and 8250i models, all of which come in internal IDE configurations, offering 8x record, 4x write and 32x read (9100-series) and 4x record, 4x write and 24x read (8250i). The 9100-series drives will sell for $249, while the 8250i will go for $199.

Rounding out the new lineup are two external USB drives, the 8200e and 8210e, which will sell for $249. The USB drives will offer 4x recording, 4x writing and 6x reading speeds. For more information, visit

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