March 3
Destiny Unveils Label-Friendly Music Delivery Format
Company claims piracy will be a thing of the past

by David Nagel
Senior producer

Destiny Media Technologies Ltd. today unveiled an Internet music distribution package it hopes will appeal to record labels. Destiny says its new format, MPE, will prevent piracy by linking downloaded MP3s and WMFFs to the machine to which the music was downloaded. The company says a "key" uses encryption to "lock" downloaded files to a user's specific computer or other hardware device.

The MPE format also supports text and graphics, distinguishing it from other attempts by software developers to cash in on the fears of record labels over the issue of piracy. It also offers e-commerce features.

According to a written statement by Destiny, "Record companies can embed text and graphics into the MPE, depicting CD covers, credits, lyrics, advertising, etc. The MPE provides direct Web links for the content provider's Web site and a direct order URL for e-commerce and other promotions. The file also tracks the web site the file originated from, thereby ensuring revenues back to the e-tailer."

The player component of MPE, called Destiny Media Player, is available for Macintosh and PC, as well as several consumer digital audio players.

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