March 16
Connect Offers ‘Two in One’ SCSI Board
Ultra 2 card supports legacy devices

by David Nagel
Senior Producer

ConnectCom Solutions Inc., San Jose, Calif., has begun shipping an AdvanSys "Two in One" SCSI board. The company says the board is compatible with Macs and PCs and supports both Ultra2 and legacy SCSI devices by using two chips on a single board. This Ultra2 SCSI board allocates one channel to Ultra2-type SCSI devices using low voltage differential (LVD) I/O interfaces, while the other channel is dedicated for legacy interface technologies.

ConnectCom's AdvanSys Ultra2 SCSI product line also includes a PCI to Ultra2 single-chip bus master controller device and a single-channel Ultra2 SCSI host adapter.

The Ultra2 SCSI specification uses the LVD I/O interface to achieve increased cable length and improve overall transmission reliability. LVD signaling allows for increased cable lengths of up to 12 meters on a fully loaded Wide (16-bit) SCSI bus with 15 devices or 25 meters for point to point connections (one card, one device).

The new board includes multitasking SCSI bus master operation and a chip architecture featuring a 40 MIPS embedded RISC processor. It supports combined (burst) SCSI data transfer rates of up to 120 MB per second and PCI burst transfer rates of up to 132 MB per second. It ships with ConnectCom's SuperSCSI software for installation. No word on end-user pricing yet. The boards are shipping in quantities of 50 for $149. For more information, go to

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