March 15
Monaco Updates Profiling System for Mac
Profiler 3.0 can create up to six output channels

by David Nagel
Senior producer

Monaco Systems has released MonacoProfiler 3.0. The program can create up to six channels in its output profiles, allowing it to create accurate profiles for Pantone's Hexachrome and other hi-fi ink sets. It also offers control over black generation, allowing users to determine the exact relationship between GCR (Gray Component Removal) and UCR (Under Color Removal), as well as how much black is used in each. Users can select the number of patches to measure (up to 3,000) when building an output profile, letting them strike their preferred balance between profile size and accuracy. MonacoPROFILER can also build linked profiles that adjust the gamut of a proofing device into that of a destination output device for precise proofing.

After an output profile is constructed, advanced editing options allow users to manipulate the lightness, saturation and output curves and make selective color adjustments to a definable range of colors. As output devices drift, MonacoPROFILER 3.0's relinearization option permits users to update their profiles without going through the entire measurement process again. The program can also create a viewable 3D gamut so users can compare the color ranges of different devices, inks and media. MonacoPROFILER 3.0 interfaces with most standard spectrophotometers.

MonacoProfiler 3.0, available only for the Macintosh platform, sells for $4,250. For more information, visit Monaco at

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