March 7
Boris FX 4.0 To Bundle with Medea VideoRaid

by David Nagel
Senior producer

Boris FX will ship its flagship Boris FX 4.0 compositing and effects plug-in application free of charge to people who purchase certain VideoRaid subsystems from Medea Corp. Boris FX offers a number of transforms, blurs, distortions, noise, particles and keyers, as well as a pixel chooser and color correction. It also offers a multi-layered timeline, unlimited keyframes and Preview to RAM playback.

Boris FX 4.0 supports numerous compositing applications, but the bundled software only supports Adobe Premiere, Canopus Raptor/RexEdit, DPS Video Action/Velocity, Fast VM Studio Plus, in:sync Speed Razor and Ulead Media Studio Pro. The software normally sells for about $630 by itself.

The bundle applies only to Medea's two-drive, 50 GB VideoRaid 2/50 SCSI array; the four-drive, 100 GB VideoRaid 4/100 SCSI array; or the six-drive, 150 GB VideoRaid 6/150 RT array. The six-drive, 150 GB array sports sustained data transfer rates of 55 MB per second and will store more than two hours of uncompressed video or four hours of 2:1, Betacam quality, compressed video. It sells for $3,999. The four-drive, 100 GB VideoRaid SCSI array, priced at $2,549, offers a 36 MB per second data rate. The two-drive, 50 GB version, priced at $1,449, sustains an 18 MB per second data rate. VideoRaid subsystems attach to any SCSI-equipped Macintosh, SGI (NT or IRIX) or PC (Windows NT) computer and use a single SCSI ID.

The bundle offer is good now through April 14. For more information, visit Medea at or Boris FX at

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