March 22
Beta Player Required for Director 8
Boxed version of studio starts shipping

by David Nagel
Senior Producer

The boxed version of Director 8 Shockwave Studio from Macromedia has started shipping. Mac users will notice immediately that their current versions of the Shockwave player (7.0.3) won't play their content. So Macromedia has included a link to the latest version 8 beta player on the Director 8 installation CD. You can download the beta at The full release version of Shockwave Player 8 is expected March 27, according to Macromedia. The beta player does not yet support animated GIFs within Shockwave movies.

The full version of Director 8 Shockwave Studio includes Director 8, Shockwave Multi-User Server, Fireworks 3 and BIAS Peak LE 2.1. Director 8 is optimized for the Macintosh G4's Velocity Engine.

For more information, visit Macromedia at or read more details about the product from a previous news story.

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